Welcome to Warlord Electronics

Providing a wide range of expertise to meet all your project development needs.

WE can offer a wide range of experience obtained over many years in large, medium and small business environments. Please click on a link below to see what WE can do for you.


Electronic Design

WE can offer the full range of analogue, digital and power electronics design, and even have contacts for specialist areas such as RF. When laying out your PCB, we engineer it taking account of EMC, LVD, thermal and manufacturing issues. Our company also undertake reviews of existing designs, dealing with functional limitations, designing out obsolete parts, or simply making it cheaper to manufacture.


Software Development

Many of our micro-controller solutions require embedded firmware, and we have experience of interfacing to a wide variety of sensors, motors and actuators. From simple measurement and control to more sophisticated interfaces such as USB, Ethernet etc. PCs often provide the most cost effective platform for control, display and data logging within otherwise bespoke solutions; and WE can provide the software to achieve this.


Prototype & Maufacture

To support our design service we have a prototype manufacturing facility including SMD, this is also available for small volume manufacture at competitive prices.
WE can also produce those oddball one offs for your own R&D purposes when your manufacturing facility is too busy to do them on time.


Testing Solutions

Many specialist products require specialist testing, which is not always easily achieved using standard test equipment. WE can design and build a diverse range of test and simulation equipment, from simple passive cable simulators to complex control, measurement and data logging systems. Semi or fully automatic testing can significantly cut costly technician time and reduce human error. So whether you are testing electronics, mechanics or hydraulics; WE may be able to design/build a test solution for you.